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Vehicle Priority Systems

Reduce wait times, minimise carpark development costs.

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We Are The Smart Traffic Light Control System Experts

We are world leaders in Vehicle Priority and Smart Traffic Light Control Systems for one way vehicle ramps and laneways. Our Traffic Light Systems are designed and built by our in house team of technicians and highly skilled Traffic Engineering team. We work with you to provide the best suited system for your development, ensuring that your internal traffic light system meets the standards of your local council and provides your customers with the best car parking experience. Founded in 2009, our incredible team of engineers, programmers, designers and technicians have worked tirelessly to bring TPS Systems to the forefront of the industry. We will continue to develop our systems to ensure we stay at the cutting edge of technology for traffic flow for residential and commercial car park facilities. Get in touch to learn more.

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What We Do

Certified Vehicle Priority Systems. Site Specific Timing sequences. Free Plan Markups.

At TPS, we have been designing and building Vehicle Priority Systems and Traffic Light Systems for single lane basement carpark access for over 10 years. We have supplied and installed our specialised traffic systems in 6 different countries and we are excited by the challenge we have set to double that number to 12 over the next 12 months. Our promise, every build includes marked up plans overseen by our in house Traffic Engineers, all systems are certified by a Senior Traffic Engineer, all systems have site specific traffic light sequences and vehicle sensor arrangements to ensure minimal delay to the customer.

Our FAQ page answers many of our clients queries, but if you'd like to discuss your requirements directly, please go to our Contact Us section.

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“For a while” is a phrase whose length can't be measured. At least by the person who's waiting.

Haruki Murakami

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Why Choose Traffic Light Systems?

Tailored Vehicle Priority Systems


Our Vehicle Priority Systems, in conjunction with traffic lights and a specialised Vehicle Priority controller, offer seamless one-way ramp or single-direction vehicle access points for buildings and developments. Whether it's a multi-level basement parking facility or a construction site with unique access requirements, our systems are designed to meet your specific needs.


Efficient Traffic Flow and Reduced Wait Times

With our advanced Vehicle Detection sensors, we can create waiting bays and implement site-specific programming to minimise prolonged waiting times for vehicle entry and exit. By optimising traffic flow, we enhance safety and improve overall efficiency for all users.


Compliance with Council Regulations


Our Vehicle Priority Systems are commonly installed on developments where local councils require a safe and efficient vehicle traffic light egress system for development approval. To ensure compliance, our team of experienced Traffic Engineers can provide valuable advice on system specifications and programming.

Traffic Data Collection


We record vehicle movements and use AI technology to determine optimal ramp duration timing and traffic light timing. This data can be reported back to councils for future developments.

Versatile Installation Options

Our systems come with the flexibility of in-ground or surface-mounted sensors for Vehicle Detection, making them suitable for a wide range of applications throughout Australia. Additionally, we are proud to offer installation services and reference sites worldwide, ensuring reliable and widespread support.

Seamless Traffic Light System Integration with Wireless Communication

For construction sites and other projects requiring two-way access via a one-way drive or lane, our traffic light systems with wireless communication offer a cost-effective solution. Activated by vehicle sensors, the traffic lights can wirelessly transmit detection between two points, eliminating the need for manual traffic controllers.

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Case Study: Vehicle Priority System at Tenor Apartments

The Story of Tenor Apartments

Located in the eclectic and exclusive suburb of Teneriffe is Tenor Apartments. In it’s design, the award-winning Ellivo Architects have drawn on the surrounding urban environment of Teneriffe to create Tenor as an address which seamlessly integrates with the streetscape.

The Challenge

Under the apartment complex is a basement car park. With residents constantly coming and going, the number one priority is safety.

As space is a large constraint in underground car parks, vehicles are even more prone to crashing into each other, especially around sharp corners. Often, with given space constraints, developers build a single-lane entrance/exit ramp to underground car parks. How do you control the flow of traffic to not further increase this safety risk? Vehicle Priority Systems.

How Traffic Light Systems Responded

Traffic Light Systems’ Industry leading vehicle priority system eliminates the issues associated with one way access into basement car parking. The use of traffic lights combined with a TPS Vehicle Priority controller and in ground loops or beam sensors enables buildings to be designed with a one way ramp or single direction vehicle access point. The traffic light system is activated by vehicle sensors and can wirelessly transmit detection of a vehicle between the two traffic lights.


This Vehicle Priority System for a one way basement ramp has greatly improved the safety for the tenants and visitors of this complex.

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Contact us

Contact our global sales team today to learn more about our business and how you can benefit from working with us.

Someone from our team will respond within 24hrs!

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