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  • What makes the TPS system smart?
    The TPS Vehicle Priority System is designed to use a variety of inputs, such as sensors and push buttons, to trigger a sequence of controls. This is done with the use of a programmable PLC, which is programmed by our expert team with flexible time sequences based on demand, rather than fixed sequences that have no regard to the vehicle demand. The PLC also affords us the ability to program multiple scenarios or treat multiple inputs differently and activate various outputs which could be used for Roller Doors, Boomgates, Alarms, and access control systems among others.
  • Can the system be customized to suit my development?
    Every system offered by TPS Group is built and programmed in-house to suit your specific application, after consultation with our design team and traffic engineers. You can be assured that when ordering one of our systems, you will not receive an off the shelf standard configuration.
  • Does the system accommodate for pedestrians?
    TPS Group offers a variety of activation methods for our systems. This can include push buttons for cyclists and pedestrians, along with specific pedestrian signals and buzzers for the best indication and safety possible. We can also incorporate sensors to provide safe passage for pedestrians in shared vehicular accessways.
  • How does the system detect vehicles?
    We are always looking for best-of-class detection technology to ensure our systems are as accurate and efficient as possible. These technologies can include, but not limited to, in-ground induction loops (as used on public roads), Time-of-flight sensors, Long range RFID and Licence Plate Recognition.
  • Can the system count the vehicles in my carpark?
    Yes, TPS Group have many years of experience with Vehicle Counting Systems, and these can be designed to have integration with our Vehicle Priority System.
  • Does the system allow for emergency BMS activation, such as fire evacuation?"
    Yes, we can design the system to respond accordingly and override all sequences upon receiving a trigger from an emergency circuit.
  • Who can install the system?
    The system is supplied with cable connection documentation and operational information. It is often installed by electricians, however it can be installed by any competent person with suitable tools, provided that a licenced electrician is engaged to energise the supplied power outlet within the system enclosure. Our technicians are also available to provide advice and assistance over the phone, in preparation or during an install.
  • Is there a warranty offered with the system?
    All of our systems are supplied with a 12 Month parts and workmanship warranty. If during this 12 months, under normal operating conditions, any part shall fail, we will replace this this part at no cost inclusive of shipping.
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