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Smaller footprints require specialised basement traffic light design

About us & why the TPS System was Developed

The cost of land and construction is an ever growing prospect for property developers. As demand drives land prices upwards developers are looking for innovative ways to maximise land usage, in particular construction on smaller lot sizes.  This poses constraints otherwise not encountered.   Demand for higher density land use creates a disproportionate connection with on-grade parking.  As such basement parking lots must be constructed, however this is the most expensive form of carpark construction. 

Developers are looking for methods to reduce basement sizes wherever possible to help increase the value/m2 of their projects.  There comes a critical point with reduction of carpark area where a traditional design of access and circulation aisles become restrictive, and in many cases not feasible.

TPS Group designed the Vehicle Priority System in Australia, where inner city construction cost ranks up to the fifth most expensive in the world.  This unique system allows for the efficient and safe use of single lane aisles and ramps, whilst maintaining compliance with authorities’ requirements.  Since the development of this system TPS has worked with developers worldwide to design smaller, single lane access ways and carparks, maximising the construction value with minimal impact to the user experience.

This system now compliments our growing line of market leading solutions including Boom Gates, Paid Parking systems, Pedestrian Counters and many more traffic control products, some of which can be seen on our Instagram feed.

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