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The Carpark tells your customer how much you care

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Retail operators know that the first and last impression that the customer gains

from the shopping experience is provided by the car park. Consequently, in the

past decade major retailers have put considerably more effort into how car parks

present and operate.

But what about car parks in multi-unit residential developments, particularly on

small sites where ‘normal’ design standards are difficult to achieve and single

lane two-way ramps may be the only option, or indeed, the better option.

It is not just about Australian Standards. You need to prove to Council that your

‘unusual’ layout and access arrangement will work. And what about the ultimate

customer - the resident who will have to use the car park every day ! For the

Resident it may be an after-sales experience, and it may not create the first

impression, but you can be assured that after hundreds of experiences, it will be

a lasting one. Ultimately, that lasting impression will reflect on your company’s


Nothing says ”F... you Mr customer” like a convex mirror and a sign telling

residents to turn their headlights on and be careful on a single lane ramp. Will

somebody come the other way?

This is where a Ramp Traffic Priority System (RTPS) comes into play. To obtain

Council approvals and ensure a successful system you will require professional

and technical advice.

You advisors need to understand car park design, know what works and doesn’t

work, have a working knowledge of relevant Standards, and be able to apply

design and vehicle manoeuvring software. You need to have a working

knowledge of car park operations. You need to know advanced system


Traffic engineering software such as SIDRA won’t work here ! Your advisor

needs to know about inductance loops, ToF sensors, barrier gates, RF and other

devices. There is no University Course – just the School of Experience !

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